Vikings picking J’Marcus Webb’s “brain” for info on Bears offense


When news broke about the Vikings signing J’Marcus Webb, the general response around Bear Nation was laughter. After years of watching Webb lead the Bears in both sacks allowed and penalties, no tears were shed at his departure and the fact that a division rival might give him a chance to play was great news. If you felt bad for him at all, his final tweet as a Bears reminded you why you didn’t like him in the first place:

Personally, I kept picturing Julius Peppers coming off the edge untouched as so many DEs have done against Webb in the past. I thought the best possible situation would be Webb getting playing time against the Bears and one of our DEs padding their sack total, but it turns out there is even better news.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Vikings are pumping Webb for info on the Bears offense. Please do! If Viking coach Leslie Frazier was looking for info on the best McDonald’s in Chicago, then Webb would be the guy to ask. But intricacies of the Bear offense? Ha. Good luck getting reliable info from a guy that struggled to remember the snap count and seemed to care more about social media, women, drugs, and fast food then learning the Bears offense and improving himself during his time in Chicago.