Bears vs Vikings: Top 5 Matchups To Watch

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3. Ed Hochuli vs the Microphone

You can’t get enough Hochuli, can you?  Savor. Enjoy.

Dec. 23, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: Chicago Bears offensive tackle J

2. J’Marcus Webb vs the Bench

Oh how I wish Kalil would tweak a hammy or cramp up so Webb Nation could take the field against the Peppers.  If I were heading to Soldier Field, I might have an empty Big Mac box or two to toss JWebb’s way while he’s riding the pine.

1. Adrian Peterson vs Everyone

It takes a village to stop Adrian Peterson.  Marc Trestman knows it and invited all Bears fans to join in and help.  Please don’t unless your last name is Ligue.  We don’t want any drunken, shirtless fans running on the field please, unless you’re a Packers fan.

What matchups are you looking forward to watching on Sunday?  Let’s see your Comments.