Happy Friday the 13th Chicago Bears fans!  The Patriots managed t..."/>     Happy Friday the 13th Chicago Bears fans!  The Patriots managed t..."/>

Your Chicago Bears Morning Links – 9/13/13


Happy Friday the 13th Chicago Bears fans!  The Patriots managed to hang on to beat the Jets last night.  If you picked up Julian Edelman in your fantasy leagues (like I did), you had a nice night in a PPR format.  It’s funny how pedestrian Tom Brady looks without any wide receivers.  I’m waiting for all the critics to rip his body language and yelling at his receivers.  When Cutler does it, he’s an asshole; when Brady does it, it’s leadership.

Cutler rocked a sweet Mike Ditka T-shirt for his Thursday presser.

Preparations for the Vikings are wrapping up.  Check out your Chicago Bears links in a feature we call BEAR DAWN…

Here’s a really good read on Marc Trestman going to Montreal to find his coaching soul. I want my very own Trestbook, don’t you?

James Anderson was mic’d up for Sound FX for his regular season debut as a Chicago Bears in Week 1 against the Bengals.  My favorite part was when he was trying to talk to Cutler about the Martellus Bennett TD catch under review. Classic Cut-head!

New Bears special teams coordinator heaped praise on Robbie Gould, who’s motivated and ‘wants to be the best.’ All long as he can feed his family…

We all loved Brian Urlacher the player.  Brian Urlacher the media guy?  Sounds a little whiny to me.  I’ll chalk it up to a rough transition to retirement.

Our friends at Gamesided did a Madden 25 sim for the Bears – Vikings game.  I’m not going to drop the spoilers, so go see for yourself.

The Seahawks announced plans to have undercover cops in 49ers gear in the stands to help ensure visiting fan safety.  When you go to Soldier Field, that guy in the Peterson jersey you’re about do give a swirly to in the men’s room could just be a copper, so beware.

Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall will be featured in a new ESPN Monday Night Football commercial.  See it here before you see it on the four-letter network (refresh your browser if you don’t see the video clip below):