Meet Jay Cutler, Mr. Fourth Quarter

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler celebrates the game-winning touchdown. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune, Jose M. Osorio, Sept. 15, 2013)

Following another exciting 4th quarter comeback win, Brandon Marshall was asked what the huddle in pressure situations.  His response may have created a new nickname:

"“Well, it depends on what quarter it is. If it’s the third quarter it’s like, ‘Uh…whatever.’ If it’s the fourth quarter, I have a lot of confidence. We have ‘Mr. Fourth Quarter’ on our side in our huddle – Jay (Cutler). I’m just excited to have him in our huddle because he makes everything so easy.”"

Jay Cutler as Captain Comeback?  Mr. Fourth quarter?  Are we talking about the same guy?  With the Bears trailing by 6 points with 3:08 to go and two time outs left, Jay Cutler and the Bears offense took the field at the 34 yard line.  Let’s look at that last drive and break it down.