Jay Cutler to Appear on FXX’s “The League” Tonight (Video Clip)


Jay Cutler might be Mr. Fourth Quarter lately while leading the Bears to a couple of consecutive 4th quarter comebacks, but he’s also looking ahead to a life after football.  With a reality TV starlet spouse, could Cutty turn to a career in acting once his days slinging the rock are over?

Last season Kristin Cavallari appeared on The League with baby Cutler, so this season Jay joins his spouse in an episode titled “Chulupa vs The Cutlet”.  Here’s a preview clip I was able to find.  Click refresh on your browser of you don’t see the video box below or you can go to this Facebook Page to watch it:

The League moved to a new FX spinoff station called FXX this season.  On my Comcast system, it’s channel 401 but it’s not offered in HD, so I’ll have to settle for Cutler is standard definition.  To find FXX in your area, go here.

I hope Jay’s performance on prime time television sets the stage for a good prime time outing this Sunday.  The Bears head to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers on Sunday Night Football.  The Bears have struggled on SNF in recent years, so maybe Marc Trestman can turn that around?  Or maybe Taco can give Jay some advice.