Marc Trestman Week 2 Review

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Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman (left) and special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

An excerpt from the book Perseverance: Life Lessons on leadership and Teamwork by Marc Trestman

"The lessons I learned from those days have never been forgotten. The practices and 18 hour days took their toll on not only the players but also the coaches. But the harsh conditions on those hot August days and nights helped our entire team and staff build the backbone necessary to handle not only the adversity that is always part of a football season, but the success as well."

Before the game against the Minnesota Vikings began Head Coach Marc Trestman acted as somewhat of a prophet; he told his Chicago Bears team to expect Minnesota to come out swinging (figuratively not literally) and strike first. He also told them that it doesn’t matter what type of adversity happens in the game; what matters is how the Bears respond to it. His premonition came to pass when Viking receiver Cordarrelle Patterson took the opening kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown.

The Bears responded by returning the corresponding kickoff 76 yards by oft maligned Devin Hester and promptly scored a TD of their own to tie the game. Hester ended up having a ridiculous game with 249 kick return yards, which broke his own team record.

Throughout the game I watched the team I love and faithfully follow make good plays, great plays and slap myself in the forehead plays.

I also noticed how after each play the attitude of the also oft maligned quarterback Jay Cutler seemed to want to move on to the next play regardless if it was an interception at the goal line on a 1st a goal, a sack/fumble that was returned for a 61 yard TD, a beautiful and perfectly placed deep ball to Brandon Marshall for a TD or even a perfectly placed back-shoulder throw to Martellus Bennett for the game winning throw (okay, so he was pretty pumped for that one).