Marc Trestman Week 2 Review

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When something is working really well, it is not generally wise to deviate from it, especially during a successful drive in an NFL game; that being said, sometimes you need to do something that will catch the other team off guard. The Bears had a drive where they had a four straight runs of 1, 11, 8 and 2 yards to get to the three yard line; they had first down and [Jay] Cutler throws a low pass over the middle which was tipped twice and intercepted in the end zone. While I agree with most opinions that Cutler should have thrown the ball high to the back of the end zone or to the flat; I believe the decision to throw it was a good call. During the broadcast, Brian Billick mentioned that teams typically sell out to the run or the pass at the goal line; Minnesota sold out to the run and was able to tip the ball. If it works then Trestman is a genius, since it didn’t, it was a foolish/idiotic call. It looked bad but I can see where Trestman was coming from.

At 2:22 left in the first half, the Bears called a timeout while on defense. At first I wondered why they would burn a timeout so close to the 2 minute warning, but then I realized that the Bears had two more timeouts and were probably thinking they could force a 3 and out because it was 3rd down at the time. Minnesota ended up picking up the 1st down and it made it a moot point.

I wondered when Trestman would have a chance to make his first challenge to a ruling on the field as an NFL Head Coach; the opportunity came with 10:52 left in the game. Viking QB Christian Ponder rolled the his left and tried running for the 1st down; he was met at the side line by Bears LB James Anderson with a shoulder to shoulder hit. Ponder was trying to extend the ball past the 1st down marker; it was initially ruled a 1st down but out came the challenge flag from wherever Trestman stores the challenge flag and threw it and challenged the spot on the field. The ruling on the field was reversed and the ball was actually just short of the 1st down marker, meaning Bears Coach Marc Trestman is 1/1 in challenges. But, just like the timeout on a 3rd and 1 that was converted by the Vikings right before halftime; the Viking converted this 3rd down as well.

What I saw throughout the game, was a team who is taking on the personality of their Leader/ Head Coach.

I’m actually starting to think that Trestman is intentionally calling plays and working on things throughout the game that put the Bears in difficult spots in order to test their resilience and fortitude specifically for later in the game and later in the season.

Sep 15, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett (83) scores the game-winning touchdown past Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook (20) during the fourth quarter at Soldier Field. The Bears won 31-30. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

As detailed as Trestman is, I wouldn’t put it past him.

On the final drive of the game for the Bears, Cutler was the calming influence in the huddle that helped everyone else relax and empowered his teammates to do their jobs; Cutler had faith in them just like the coaching staff has in Cutler.

Just like Trestman drew it up.

What do you think Bears fans: how do you think Trestman did managing this game and in his first two games as Bears HC?