What a game! I'll talk about it after I tell you about a new thing we're doing at Bear Goggles On. ..."/> What a game! I'll talk about it after I tell you about a new thing we're doing at Bear Goggles On. ..."/>

A Fan’s Non-expert Take on Bears Week 3 Road Win Over Steelers


Doug Hatch Bears shrine including HOFer Dick Butkus autographed helmet and football

What a game! I’ll talk about it after I tell you about a new thing we’re doing at Bear Goggles On. My friend, Doug Hatch, sent me this picture of his Chicago Bears “shrine” and I want to see yours. Take a well-lit, landscape pic of your most prized Chicago Bears original artwork, memorabilia, and collectibles and send them to me at bearsgoggles.robert@yahoo.com

I’ll pick the best one each week while giving you the credit and use them right here on my Bear Witness post. Then billions of people can see your cool stuff! Make sure to include a short description, your full name, and clear permission to use your picture in the email. Please keep it clean and positive (like, no burning Packers jerseys) and I won’t rule out Bears tattoos or body painting. Ladies, remember, I’m married. Guys, please don’t make your pets wear your Bears gear for your submission no matter how much they like the team.

Night games are fun and I like to watch Football Night in America when the Bears play on SNF. It’s on NBC right before the game and I really enjoyed the Bob Costas interview with Brandon Marshall. Do you guys remember when we traded with the Dolphins for Marshall? He was supposed to be this big trouble case and was going to be a distraction and a liability.

Well, while he may have had his off-field challenges before, he has been an upright, productive member of this team since he got here, and will probably go down in NFL history as one of the best Bears receivers of all time, even though talent at WR has never been part of our rich history. As Muhsin Muhammad told Sports Illustrated a few years back, that Chicago is “where wide receivers go to die.” In B-Marsh’s case, it seems to be where they can go to live again.

Now, on to that Sunday Night Football match up at Heinz Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers………….

I liked the early lead that we got and was enjoying my buffalo wings, talking with Jake Biehl about what dudes talk about because my wife and baby are away on vacation.  I was doing the whole, overly confident, “we got this” thing and ladidadida, ladidadida, and then…….. WHAM!

The Steelers started to catch up to us and automatically I felt as though let it happen because I wasn’t paying close attention to the game. Or maybe it was my wife’s voodoo because she somehow sensed the “big booty” conversation I was having. Either way, I straightened up, paid attention, and stopped yapping about Alexis Texas.

Even though we weren’t trailing, Pittsburgh had all the momentum and looked like they were gonna beat us. Just when we needed it the most, Jay Cutler did his thing. If I had a quarter for every time I saw Cutty rush to convert on a critical third down, I’d have enough for a whole gallon of gas. We got control of the game again and I was able to chill.

Devin Hester was pretty much kept uneventful in this game. He is starting to be feared as he once was as a returner, which is a good thing for field position. The offense stuck with the run regardless of getting stuffed a lot. Earl Bennett made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen him make for a touchdown, that still needed to be extracted from the officials through a Marc Trestman coach’s challenge.

Defense is looking good as always and D.J. Williams is showing up like a starter now. I’m not enthusiastic about all the passing yards that Big Ben was able to amass though. A pick-6 by Major Wright, and later the ball somehow ended up in Julius Peppers hands and he ran it in sluggishly for a score. It reminded me of the Brian Urlacher interception return for a touchdown against the Titans last season, slow, but got the job done.

Another great game last night as our Beloved move to 3-0. I liked our team’s Sunday Night Football message to the league “Look out for the Bears!” Regardless of our performance this season, on NFL AM this morning, nobody selected the Chicago Bears as the best of the 7 remaining undefeated teams. Hmm. Just how we like it………..Right? Am I right or am I right? Or am I right? Am I right?

Ned Reyerson?………… Bing!