Jay Cutler Runs Over Steelers Safety Robert Golden (Video)


Sep 22, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) runs the ball past Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel (99) during the second half at Heinz Field. The Bears won the game, 40-23. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler earned the nickname Mr. Fourth Quarter after a couple of consecutive 4th quarter comebacks to get the Bears to 2-0.  After his performance on Sunday night, Cutler may have earned a new nickname – truck.  It’s pretty much the best way I could describe Jay Cutler’s 4th quarter scramble on 3rd and 10 with the Bears clinging to a 4 point lead in the last few minutes of the game.   Watch the play for yourself


In case Robert Golden is looking for the license number of the truck that ran him over, it’s #6.

That play was for Maurice Jones-Drew, Deion Sanders and all the other fools who called out Cutler’s toughness after the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Packers, when Cutler left the game with a knee injury.

Cutler really needs to slide on that play, since he already had the first down.  With a history of concussions, Cutler can ill afford to get knocked out for any amount of time, but I guess it’s just the way he plays.