Fantasy Football – Week 3 Recap

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Colin Kaepernick QB: Uh-oh. Week 2’s 6 point dud could be written off since it was @Seattle. Only 4 points at home against the Colts defense? Not so much. Kaepernick owners were patting themselves on the back after his 34-point week 1, but are in full-fledged panic mode now (I am at least). Which one is the real Kaepernick? I wish I had an answer for you, but week 4 against the Rams 26th ranked defense will either get Kaepernick back on track or send owners to the waiver wire for a reliable back-up (Mr 4th Quarter?).

Dwayne Bowe WR: 1 catch for 4 yards? Ugh. Bowe is averaging only 3 catches and 30 yards a game with just over 5 targets. Who would have thought fantasy owners would be missing Matt Cassell? New QB Alex Smith struggles to throw anything more then check down passes and Bowe is the team’s only deep threat. This isn’t working out as planned for fantasy owners who spent an average of $19 on Bowe in Yahoo auctions. It’s too early to give up on Bowe and you won’t be able to get anything decent for him in a trade, so we’re stuck with him for now. Let’s hope the Chiefs adjust their offense to get Bowe involved.

Hakeem Nicks WR: Any of the Giants could of made this list, but I went with Nicks for his total disappearing act on Sunday. Nicks only got 1 target the entire game and looked despondent on the field. Not the kind of impression I would want to make in a contract year. Who knows how the Giants respond to the 38-0 beating they took Sunday, but I am wary of owning a guy like Nicks who could end up in Tm Coughlin’s doghouse which for fantasy purposes is a scary place to be.

Arian Foster RB: 54 rushing yards and 1 catch for -2 yards? Not exactly what you expected from your first round pick. There were a lot of questions surrounding Foster late in the preseason and I am glad I didn’t end up with him in any of my leagues. Foster has 49 carries to 27 for Ben Tate, so he is getting the clear majority but Tate is doing much more with his touches (6.8) than Foster (3.9) is. I wouldn’t be shocked if the carry distribution starts to even out over the next few weeks. If you can find a owner who still thinks Foster is a 1st round value, move him quick.

Brandon Marshall WR: Of course when I pick a Bear as my bust of the week  I finally get one right. Marshall was shut down (5-52) in week 3 by the Steelers one week after they shut down AJ Green (might be something there). Marshall’s stats would have looked much worse without the 41 yard bomb he caught in the 4th quarter. I think this was just the case of Marshall running into a tough defense and I am confident he will bounce back this week against the Lions. Throw some trade offers out and see if you can find an owner who overreacts to B-Marsh’s bad game.

Knowshon Moreno RB: So much for Moreno being the clear #1 in Denver. It was pretty close to an even split with rookie Montee Ball on Monday night and Ball was more productive with his carries (5.5 YPC) than Moreno (3.3). Ball did have a fumble which could keep the door open for Moreno, but the current Broncos brain-trust spent a 1st round pick on Ball this year, so I can’t help but think they would rather see Ball take the job and run with it. I would see what you can get for Moreno and try to add Ball as a speculative play.

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