Martellus Bennett: The Chicago Bears New Butterfly

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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

"“I’m a little bit of both. I’m sweet. I move like a butterfly and I sting like a bee. I’m a little of both. I like to be a butterfly because sometimes you have to spread your wings and have you ever tried to catch a butterfly with your hands? You can’t do it. You need a net. They’ve got butterfly nets just for catching butterflies. Hopefully they don’t make a unicorn net just for catching unicorns, especially black ones.”"

However obscure, it is what Martellus Bennett said when asked if he was more of a float like a butterfly type or if he stung like a bee at the post game press conference after the Bears beat the Vikings.

It’s that humor that has the locker room feeling just a little lighter this year, though the 3-0 record doesn’t hurt either.  Marty, as Jay Cutler would call him, is the tight end the Bears have been missing for years.  Sure Greg Olsen could catch, but his blocking game was less than stellar and he couldn’t really make anybody miss when in the open field.  So what does Marty bring to the Bears?

“He’s a rare breed,” Jay Cutler said during an interview.  Cutler went on to mention that Marty can block and run and has a great feel for the passing game.  Bennett has always had athletic ability and at 6’6”, he’s been able to use that ability.  He played basketball and football throughout high school and made himself eligible for the NBA draft in 2005 but after several scouts told him he was unlikely to be drafted he backed out.  The result was Bennett going to play college football at Texas A&M.

While Marty tried to play both football and basketball at A&M he decided to choose football, a decision he wouldn’t regret.  When asked which he liked better in an interview Marty said football was his wife, but that basketball would remain his mistress.  However, football worked out for Marty as he finished with 105 catches for 1,246 yards and 10 touchdowns in college.