A Fan’s Non-expert Take on Bears Week 15 win over Browns

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And a big hug with “Tress” when the fist bump isn’t enough ((Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

***Note*** My take on this game comes from a position of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Meaning that I thought Josh McCown had brought a certain amount of stability to the QB position in Chicago that we have never had. Jay was not as careful with the football, and it seemed like McCown involved all the players, and everything was starting to gel when he got sent back to the bench. In other words, I am a little biased against Jay Cutler for now, and will be until he can show me that he can be as careful with the football as Josh. Or maybe just getting to, and winning in the playoffs. That usually is a cure-all for many ailments. I have not forgotten everything Jay has brought to Chicago.

This game stayed a little too close for me at first. I was feeling a little fear after the pick in the end zone on the first drive, and later on, the pick-6. I don’t sweat interceptions as much with Josh McCown, maybe because he doesn’t turn the ball over. I also thought that Jay had been watching Josh play and picking up a couple of things while he was injured and stuck on the sidelines. I guess not. Josh would rather throw it away, check it down, or even take a sack to avoid throwing an interception. Jay says, “I’m throwing it, I don’t care!” and “Screw them!”

Once again Mr. Fourth Quarter showed up. He has to. His play demands it. I know having a clutch guy is a really good problem to have. The problem is that it is necessary with Cutler.  How about we call him Pastor Head? Get it?

I was surprised to hear Jay Glazer report on the pregame show that most of the people that he talked to with the Bears organization were against bringing Jay Cutler back at this point. I thought it was supposed to be fans only that thought that way. The defense saw him throw a few picks in practice and wanted to stick with Josh. I get it. So the #1 difference between Jay Cutler and Josh McCown is taking care of the football. We know who does, and who doesn’t.

Since nothing I say makes a difference let’s proceed with Jay Cutler as our starter. We won, a critical game in the NFC North race. That makes the return of Jay Cutler go down a little smoother. I mean, that is what it’s all really about. I almost had the pleasure of watching the Cowboys put a nail in the Packer’s coffin. Nice job, Dallas. I thought they would win for sure, leaving Green Bay in a trail of dust behind us. Well, they blew their comfortable lead and Jerry Jones has to be pissed about the last two weeks. At least he’s still rich.