A Chicago Bears Fan’s Letter to Santa Claus

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Chicago Bears 2013 Christmas Ornament

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good boy this year, but I don’t want any presents. I would like some help though. Not for me, for my football team. They are the Bears of Chicago. My Mommy and Daddy said that this is the time of year to think of others. To be grateful for what we have, and give to those less fortunate.

That’s why I gave Tommy my cookies today at school, he is less fortunate. His football team is the Jaguars of Jacksonville.

Santa, my team has two really, really, big games coming up. One is against the Eagles of Philadelphia. The other is against the Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaase win these?

I know you are getting my letters because last year I asked for a high-powered offense, Thank you very much for that, but I didn’t think I had to ask for our defense to still be good too.

You must really like The Rolling Stones, like my Daddy. He’s always singing to me, “You can’t always get what you want!” He mostly sings it when he takes me to the store.

If you can only let my Chicago Bears win one of these games, I want it to be the one against the Packers, unless they lose against the Steelers, and the Lions lose against the New York Football Giants. Then I want to win against Philadelphia for sure, but because I’ve been really good, you should help us to win our last regular season home game against Green Bay.