4th Phase Game Ball Week 16: NO ONE


Dec 22, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman watches his team go thrown during pre game at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of a game ball, what about coals for Christmas? With the Packers and Lions losing, the Bears had ONE job to do, win. Instead of, at the very least looking like a playoff team and showing that they belong, they get destroyed and embarrassed in front of a national audience.

Who deserves the 4th Phase coals? Let’s start off with Marc Trestman. The Bears offense started the game with two three and outs. After the first three and out 25 yard punt by Adam Podlesh, the Eagles were pretty much gifted a touchdown. On the ensuing kick off, Devin Hester fumbles and essentially giving the Eagles another touchdown. With the Bears already down 14-0 before their second possession, it should have been clear that this game was going to get out of hand quickly if the offense didn’t answer with a touchdown of their own. Instead, two straight run plays were called that netted five yards and set up a third and long, which led to a punt.

On the very next drive, the Eagles scored again. Given the lack of defense the Bears have, we all know our best defense was our offense and Trestman didn’t give the Bears a chance to win.