Chicago Bears Week 16 Milk Carton

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There is never an excuse for losing by six touchdowns, especially with a high-powered offense. The Bears did just that and embarrassed themselves on national television. Let’s start with the quarterback! Jay Cutler didn’t exactly play a terrible game; he was just anemic and ineffective. He was getting sacked a lot, which isn’t entirely his fault. But he was also holding the ball for too long and he threw it to Marshall several times in double coverage. My question is, if Marshall is double covered, doesn’t that mean Jeffery or Bennett has a favorable matchup by default? The receivers and tight end don’t really deserve the cover, but they get it for being on last night’s terrible team. Matt Forte looked like Curtis Enis running and like Frank Omiyale blocking. Saying he had an off night would be a major understatement.

The thing about the offense is, I am confident the Bears will fix those problems by next week. The defense, however, is beyond repair. I’m not taking anything away from LeSean McCoy,  Nick Foles, and the rest of the high-powered Eagle offense, but the Bears defense gift wrapped a lot of those yards for them. Of course, if the offense wasn’t going three and out every time, the defense may not have been so warn out. But they still were terrible. Lance Briggs was a non factor. The defensive line was rarely able to get adequate pressure. The safeties continue to be garbage. I mean seriously, it seems like they always leave someone wide open in the middle of the field, and they take awful angles. Tim Jennings and Zack Bowman were soft on the Eagle receivers. It seems like sometimes the Bears defense doesn’t understand that arms and required for tackling. They can’t do anything right.