A Fan’s Non-expert Take on Bears Week 17 Loss to Packers


My boy Robbie plays with these cars for hours, and asks me to join him. My knees hurt.

Hello depressed Bears fans. Seems like we lost that one the same way we did in the first game against Green Bay in the Cutler era. If I remember right it was a last-minute touchdown strike by Aaron Rodgers to a wide open receiver. I believe it was Donald Driver, 2009.

I also remember that it sucked, but not as bad as this one. That game in ’09 also had the misfortune to be the one where we lost Urlacher for a whole season due to a dislocated wrist. Memories………

Seems like a lifetime ago.

I remember when Lovie Smith started as coach. He said, we’re gonna beat Green Bay, we’re gonna win the NFC North, we’re gonna go to the Super Bowl.

He turned out to be right.

Green Bay was not the dominant force that they are now. Farve was still QB and Rodgers was waiting in the wings. They were no slouches either. The Bears could remain competitive with them, then Lovie showed up and we started to beat them. I loved it.

It made me love our coach as much as I hated Green Bay.

My friend Jarrett is an Eagles fan and says that he roots for his division rivals if they make the playoffs and his team doesn’t. Something about them representing the division and division pride.

That’s like rooting for Jeffrey Dahmer because I eat meat.

No. This weekend I am the worlds biggest Niners fan. I will be hoping for the Pack to be one and done in the playoffs. I would expect the same from Green Bay fans if Chicago had made it and they didn’t. We love to hate each other and I think we do it better than anyone in the league.

If we are ever going to get anywhere, we have to go through them. That is unfortunately, “what’s up.”

It has been that way for a while. Aaron Rodgers is why. He was good his first season but couldn’t close games. Now he closes them the way he did on Sunday.

I respect his ability and he even seems like a nice fellow. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so our team has to be better.

When you have an opportunity to take division in a game that he isn’t playing in, you take it.

We didn’t really play that bad in the game on Sunday. I knew you guys had it in you, I wish you could have shown us a week earlier.

A million dollars says if we took division last week against the Eagles, Rodgers would have stayed out.

He already doesn’t have to pay for drinks or food in Green Bay. Now his kids and their kids don’t have to.

That, Jarrett, is an example of the warm and fuzzy hatred between the Bears and Packers. It’s special. I don’t expect you to understand.

The last thing I would do is root for a guy that risked a career ending re-injury, just to make sure that the Bears wouldn’t go to the playoffs.

Discount Daaaable check that.