Lovie Smith and Brian Urlacher Reunite (Video)


New Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith is making the rounds with the media and made a stop to Fox Football Daily and his favorite middle linebacker and new member of the media Brian Urlacher and it was as boring as you might expect.  Of course, Lovie has the personality of a paper weight and Urlacher isn’t exactly Mr. Personality in front of the camera.  I’ll let you judge for yourself with this clip:

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One thing that also struck me when I watched the video is how thin Urlacher is looking.  Or maybe Jay Glazer is overly pumped up from all his MMA training.  Is it just me or does Urlacher look thinner than Glazer?

I bring this up because I’ve already see some people suggesting that a Smith/Uralcher reunion ON the field might make sense.  FORGET IT.  If you look at Urlacher, he’s moved out of football mode and seems uncomfortably comfortable in front of the camera.

I do think that Lovie will be looking at a lot of free agents coming off the Bears roster to put in key spots on his squad.  The Bucs will have ample cap space to be able to make some moves and outbid the Bears for guys they might want to keep.  Obvious targets for Lovie will be Charles Tillman, Henry Melton, Corey Wootton and Devin Hester.  Of that list, the only keeper the Bears should be worried about is Wootton.  Wootton is a young pass rusher who’s showed versatility to move inside and play a little 3-technique in a pinch.

Of course I’d like to keep Tillman, but I feel like his best days are behind him and Lovie will be willing to overpay to bring one of his guys into that Tampa locker room and help implement his system on the field.   Lovie’s defense is about taking the ball away and there’s no one better in the business at doing that than Tillman.

What do you think?  Are there other guys on this Bears roster than make sense for Lovie to try to poach?