Top 5 Reasons Chicago Bears Would be a Great Choice for HBO’s Hard Knocks

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2. Personalities galore

I can’t remember a Chicago Bears team with this much personality since the ’85 Bears.   Brandon Marshall has been very outspoken on the mental health challenges that he’s faced and would make for a supremely interesting storyline.  An aging veteran like Lance Briggs, who could be headed for his last spin with the Bears, would be another angle to play up.  Even a youngster like Kyle Long, who has some TV presence in his genes from papa Howie, has shown to be a great angle to follow.

There is one unique character that merits his own paragraph in this writeup and that’s tight end Martellus Bennett.  He was one of the characters featured on the Cowboys’ turn at Hard Knocks, just a rookie in competition with Jason Witten and adjusting to life in the NFL.  He’s come out of his shell in a BIG way.  I’d watch a series just following him around.

1. People Love to Hate Jay Cutler

There is no other Chicago Bear that is more polarizing than quarterback Jay Cutler.  Even among his home fans, there are Jay Haters and the #Cuttydoesit sect.  Ever since he forced his way out of Denver, fans have loved to hate Cutler.  That feeling hit it’s zenith during the second half of the 2010 NFC Championship game, when Cutler left the game with an MCL injury.  Fans and “experts” alike were calling out Cutler without knowing the magnitude of the injury.

Cutler hasn’t lived up to the lofty expectations that followed him from Denver, where he was a Pro Bowler in 2008.  He’s signed two contract extensions since joining the Bears, the big payday coming a couple of weeks ago when he signed a 7-year, $126 million deal.  Cutler would make for great television either way.  Cutler supporters would watch to validate that Jay really is a nice guy who is just misunderstood and wrongly persecuted.  Cutler haters would watch for obvious reasons – to keep hating on Cutler and scrutinize every facial expression, every utterance, every practice interception.  If it doesn’t work out for Hard Knocks, I’m hoping that Cutler and his former reality TV bride Kristin Cavallari decide to do one of those E! or VH1 types of Newlyweds or Keeping up with the Cutlers types of shows.

What do you think, Bears fans?  Would you watch Hard Knocks if the Bears were featured?  If you’re not a Bears fan, would they be a good choice?