Fixing the Bears Defense (Part 5: NFL Draft / DB)

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Round 4+:

Ty Zimmerman (6’1, 204) KSU: Not as athletic as some of the safeties on this list, but Zimmerman makes up for his lack of elite athleticism with a high football IQ and good instincts. He takes good angles in coverage and has good ball skills (11 INTs). Zimmerman played a center field role in K-State’s defensive scheme so wasn’t asked to do much against the run. He is a good form tackler, but lacks closing speed so probably won’t be make much of an impact as a run stopper. (FS)

NFL comparison: Chris D. Clemons


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Jimmy Ward (5’11, 192) NIU: Excels in coverage and has been a play-maker in the secondary during his career at NIU. Ward is inconsistent against the run, but at times flashed good form so the potential is there. With a little coaching on his tackling technique, Ward could become a well-rounded starting safety. Good value for the Bears in the middle rounds. (FS/SS)

NFL comparison: Louis Delmas


Craig Loston (6’2, 208) LSU: Big safety with excellent closing speed and a knack for big hits. Loston can be a force against the run right away, but his coverage skills need a lot of work. He might be the best natural athlete at the safety position in the draft, so the tools are there. With the right coaching, Loston has as much upside as any safety available but may take a couple of years to get there.

NFL Comparison: LaRon Landry



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