Brian Urlacher Takes a Shot at Jay Cutler


Dec 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) drops back to pass against the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Urlacher just can’t help it. Or maybe the Bears newest multi-multi millionaire is too easy of a target. Urlacher is in New York for Super Bowl week and the subject of Jay Cutler’s contract came up. The former face of the franchise couldn’t help but sling a little trash in the new face of the Beloved:

"“Yes. Pretty large. It’s good for him,” Urlacher said. “The thinking is if you think you have a franchise quarterback, you hold onto them. It’s hard to find them in the NFL and I think the GM there (Phil Emery) thought he had one, so they paid him like one.”“Their offensive line was great this year,” Urlacher said. “When both (quarterbacks were in there), they scored a ton of points. The players they have around them, Alshon (Jeffery), Brandon (Marshall), Martellus Bennett, Matt Forte and that O-line, whoever was playing quarterback, they were going to score a lot of points."

Sounds like #54 thinks just about anyone under center will do, doesn’t it?  Maybe if he hadn’t been having contract tantrums of his own, the Bears could have invested in other areas to provide weapons to that pop gun offense that Rex Grossman took to Super Bowl XLI with Muhsin Muhammed as the top receiving threat. Maybe he still insukted by the $2 million the Bears offered him to pay last season when no one else offered him anything.

Urlacher will always be a beloved Bear in my book, so he looks best in Orange and Navy, not colored green with envy.  Enjoy those sour grapes Brian and as always…