Super Bowl Contest – Win a Football Signed by Matt Forte


Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Whoever comes closest to predicting the final score of the Super Bowl will win an official NFL football signed by Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte. Post your prediction for the final score of the Super Bowl (with winning team obviously) in the comments section and BearGogglesOn will send the ball to the person who was the closest to the correct score. It’s that simple. Good luck.

The signed football was provided to BearGogglesOn by FedEx as part of their “2013 FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Year Nominees” live webcast series.

* Only one entry per person. BGO will reach out to the person with the best prediction after the game to get their mailing address.

* If multiple people pick the winning score or are tied for the closest, the winner will be determined by whoever submitted their entry first.

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