Bad Super Bowl Weather? Chicago Bears Have Played in Worst

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The Bears were involved in another bad weather Championship Game, the 1934 NFL Championship Game against the New York Giants known as the “Sneakers Game”.

"This may have been the best “halftime adjustment” in NFL history! Overnight freezing rain and subfreezing temperatures during the day left the field at New York’s Polo Grounds a sheet of ice. Trailing 10-3 at halftime, Giants head coach Steve Owen sent equipment manager Abe Cohen to nearby Manhattan College to pick up as many pairs of basketball sneakers as he could. The spikes just weren’t working on the icy field. What a difference! The sneaker-wearing, heavy underdog Giants, a mere 8-5 on the season, turned a halftime deficit into a 4th quarter romp, scoring the last 27 points of the game in a 30-13 romp over the previously unbeaten Chicago Bears, coached by the legendary George Halas."

I actually found a clip on YouTube of some highlights from that game, including the Giants changing shoes:

So much for that whole “Bear weather” myth.  

The good news is next year’s Super Bowl will be at University of Phoenix Stadium, a nice cozy dome in Glendale Arizona, home of one of the Bears’ best comebacks of all time.