Chicago Bears 7-Round Mock Draft 1.0

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Trade: I couldn’t resist at least one trade. The Niners have 2 picks in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds and have considerably less needs than the Bears on their current roster. Using the NFL draft trade chart, the Bears could trade their 14th pick in the 1st round for the Niners first round pick (30), one of their 2nd rounders (55), and one of their 3rd rounders (93). Some fans would be disappointed that the Bears moved down, but this is one of the deepest drafts in years and the Bears have so many holes to fill. According to the aforementioned chart, the Niners would actually come out slightly ahead in the deal but it helps both teams. At 14 the Niners would have their pick of the 2nd tier of wide receivers after Sammy Watkins, a top safety, or a d-lineman who won’t be there at pick 30 and they would still have one pick in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds. It’s a win-win. Here is who I could see the Bears drafting with the picks from the fake trade:

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Round 1 (30): DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh (6’0, 284) – He’s an inch shorter and few pounds lighter than Timmy Jernigan. Is that enough of a reason for the best DT in college football (11 sacks, 28.5 TFLs, 4 forced fumbles) to drop to the end of the 1st round? Apparently it is, despite the fact that Donald was clearly the best player at the Senior Bowl. I’ve watched a ton of tape on Donald and I am 100% on board. His explosive first step makes him virtually unblockable in 1-1 scenarios and his strong hand play and low center of gravity make him a handful even against double teams. I’d take a guy with a track record of elite production over a guy with measurables who hasn’t shown any signs of dominating in college (Hageman) all day. If the Bears can move back and get Donald while picking up a couple more early picks in the process, then they should do it. I almost had Donald to the Bears at 14, I like him that much.

Round 2 (55): FS Jimmy Ward, Northern Illinois (5’11, 191) – By the end of the Senior Bowl I was actively rooting against Ward so he would stop helping his draft stock. He came in as 3rd-4th round pick and left as the 3rd best safety in the draft behind Dix & Pryor. I’ve seen Ward as high as late in the first round, so he may not even be around in the 2nd. He’s great in coverage and solid against the run. Ward is one of the safest safety picks in the draft.

Round 3 (93): DT Kelsey Quarles, South Carolina (6’3, 298) – Overshadowed playing next to Jadeveon Clowney, Quarles actually led the Gamecocks in both sacks (9.5) and tackles for loss (13.5) last season. Some of his production was due to opponents focusing on stopping Clowney, but Quarles was still able to take advantage of the 1-1 battles with SEC lineman. He has ideal size, strength, and quickness for a 4-3 DT, while also showing good awareness and play recognition. I wouldn’t be surprised if Quarles moved up to the 2nd round by the time of the draft, but if the Bears can get him in the 3rd they will have an excellent DT prospect to pair with Donald and build their line around.


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² 6th rounders who made a significant impact in 2013: Andre Ellington, Mike James, Mychal Rivera

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