Join a Group Trying to Keep Charles Tillman a Chicago Bear!!!


Hey Gang…it has been a while for me to post, but Life Happens!!!  I wanted to let you all know about a new mission I am on.  It may be stupid, likely won’t matter, but it is my mission and I will tell you my reasons!  I have started a Facebook page called Stay a Bear Peanut Tillman to try to demonstrate to the greatest cornerback in Chicago Bears history how much he is admired by the fans in the hopes of maybe being a small part of his decision process.  Yeah, alright, it’s corny, but I told you I had my reasons.

Not only is Peanut a great player who can provide stability to a Bears defense that sorely missed him for most of last year , but as the recipient of the 2014 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, Peanut has shown how great and inspirational he is off the field.  From a personal perspective, Peanut is one of my favorite Bears of all-time and my most favorite of the current roster.  Also, I have a 7-year old son who finished his first tackle football season last fall and when numbers were handed out, he had the choice between #33 and #34.  My son knows who Walter Payton is and knew that #34 would be a great number to wear, but he chose #33.  Why?  Well, in his words, “I play defense, Dad, just like Peanut and Peanut is a stud, so I want #33.”  He has been watching Bears games with me closely for the past 2 seasons and it is fair to say, Peanut is his favorite player.  He also asked for and received from Santa, a #33 Bears jersey this past Christmas.  So, as a Dad, I thought about what I could do to avoid having to explain it if Peanut were to decide to leave for another team.  Instantly, Facebook came to mind and Stay a Bear Peanut Tillman was born.

I have begun posting pictures and videos of great Peanut moments and you will even see a picture of my son in his #33 football jersey.  I am hoping you all will “Like” the page on Facebook and post your own Peanut stories, videos, pictures and make your own pleas to Peanut.  I have been sharing everything posted on there with @CharlesTillman, because Peanut is big into Facebook social media and I am one of his many Facebook friends.  This way, it gets to him.  I actually got a response from him last night, so I know he is seeing it.

So, please join me in my quest to do what we can to show Peanut how much we want him to Stay a Bear and please “Like” the page on Facebook and PLEASE TELL A FRIEND!!!  Thanks all!!!

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