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NFL Mock Draft – Round 7

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201. Bills: CB Andre Hal, Vanderbilt (6’0, 190) – All-SEC corner who played well against the top receivers in the conference. Hal is smooth in coverage, but doesn’t have top-end speed and is a non-factor against the run. Should be a solid 3rd-4th corner.

202. Giants: DE Ethan Westbrooks, W Texas A&M – Dominant rusher at the DII level (46.5 TFLs, 26.5 sacks in two seasons) who had 2 sacks in Shrine game against an upgrade in competition. Westbrooks has a quick first step and a myriad of polished pass rush moves. Intriguing prospect who could go much higher.

203. Rams: OLB Ronald Powell, Florida (6’3, 240) – Great athlete who was the #1 recruit coming out of high school ( Two ACL injuries derailed Powell’s college career, but he still moves very well for his size. Powell has good pass rush skills and if he passes team’s medical checks he could move up a round or two.

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204. Lions: TE Colt Lyerla, Oregon (6’5, 250) – Troubled tight-end who left Oregon during the season for “personal reasons”. Lyerla has legitimate first round talent, but concern about his maturity and off-field problems could keep him out of the draft all together. With a starting TE already in place, Joe Fauria, the Lions can afford to take a risk on the talented Lyerla. If he can get his head on straight he could be an All-Pro. If not he could be out of the league in a year or two. It’s a big gamble, but that’s what the 7th round is for.

205. Titans: ILB DeDe Lattimore., South Florida (6’0-, 237) – Explosive tackler inside who is very aggressive against the run. Good blitzer. Lattimore is a little slow and doesn’t have ideal height, so he could struggle in coverage. Worst case, Lattimore will make a solid 2-down LB.

206. Cowboys: WR Kevin Norwood, Alabama (6’2, 197) – Fits the WR profile (6’2, 200) that the Cowboys target in the draft. Norwood was underused at Alabama, but looked great at the Senior Bowl and is a well-rounded prospect with no glaring weakness but not a lot of upside either. Lacks elite speed.

207. Steelers: OLB Devon Kinnard, USC (6’3, 257) – USC team captain in 2013 who led the team with 8 sacks. Kinnard could develop into a solid pass rusher at OLB in the Steelers scheme.

208. Cowboys: RB James White, Wisconsin (5’9, 206) – Part of RB rotation at Wisconsin, so he should have plenty of mileage left. White had a big week at the Senior Bowl showing great receiving skills, a powerful stiff-arm, and good pass blocking. White would upgrade the Cowboys depth behind DeMarco Murray.