Bridgestone Takes Chicago Bears Fans to NFL Scouting Combine

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Bridgestone Presents Road to the Combine where fans get inside for exclusive access.

Bridgestone has been the Official Tire of the NFL since 2007. This past weekend, they  brought fans to the NFL Combine through its partnerships with the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. The NFL has allowed for fans to view the Scouting Combine live for the third year, but this was the first year that Chicago Bears fans were there to represent the charter franchise of the NFL. The experience for Bears Fans started by being bussed to Indianapolis from Halas Hall on Saturday morning.

Fans gather at Halas Hall for Road to the Combine presented by Bridgestone

Fans gathered inside Halas Hall to check in before starting the Road to the Combine presented by Bridgestone

Chicago Bears Memorabilia in the lower level of the new building at Halas Hall

Not only did the fans get to travel beyond the private gate, but they were able to peek inside the brand new addition of Halas Hall. After check-in, fans were allowed to go downstairs to the interactive LCD screens and Chicago Bears memorabilia.  The screens were a really nice touch. Fans interacted via a touch screen to view highlights of the Chicago Bears among other history and trivia.

Chicago Bears Fans gather in front of the bus on the Road to the Combine presented by Bridgestone

As the fans boarded the bus bound for Indianapolis, a special guest came along for professional and entertainment reasons. Anthony “Spice” Adams, former Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle and now co-host of Inside the Bears was there with co-host Lyndsay Petruny and the rest of their crew.

Their job was simple: to film this awesome fan experience and Anthony was there to provide the entertainment for the bus ride to Indy. Adams played music, gave tour guide information and invited fans to be “slayed” in Words with Friends. He was a riot on the bus.