Bridgestone has been the Official Tire of the NFL since 2007...."/> Bridgestone has been the Official Tire of the NFL since 2007...."/>

Bridgestone Takes Chicago Bears Fans to NFL Scouting Combine

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Reception for The Road to the Combine presented by Bridgestone

Once the bus arrived at Indy, fans checked into the hotel and then were taken to a reception where all the fans from Chicago, Cincinnati, Green Bay and Tennessee gathered for a fun evening of food and drink with the representatives of Bridgestone and the NFL teams. Fans interacted with Anthony Adams, Jevone Kearse, former Defensive End for the Tennessee Titans; Ahman Green, former Running Back for the Green Bay Packers; and Tyler Eifert, current Tight End for the Cincinnati Bengals. The surprise guest was George McCaskey, the owner of the Chicago Bears. He, along with Bridgestone, was the one who helped make it possible for all the fans to be invited to the Combine (check out the story here).

In the morning, the fans were bussed over to Lucas Oil Stadium where they all enjoyed breakfast of eggs, fruit, sausage and bacon, together before being able to watch the first group of Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers at the Combine. The NFL and Bridgestone provided the fans with binoculars and a radio ear piece, so they could hear the NFL Network coverage of the Combine along with exclusive commentary by Marshall Faulk during all commercial breaks.

The people from 1iota were key to helping run the entire fan experience.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Bridgestone, the NFL, the Chicago Bears and 1iota. The people from 1iota kept the fans on schedule throughout the trip. Everyone from Bridgestone and the Chicago Bears made this a memorable experience. Make sure you tune into Inside the Bears to see the full feature on the trip.  You can follow the link to their website, or you can check your local listings, they air weekly on WFLD-TV/Channel 32 and WPWR-TV/Channel 50 in Chicago. Check it out to see inside Halas Hall, and behind the scenes access to the Chicago Bears.