Chicago Bears Free Agent Profiles: Josh McCown

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Josh McCown

Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown (12) drops back to pass against the Dallas Cowboys during the first quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

2013 Cap Hit: $580k

2013 Grade: +16.6, tied for fifth in league with Aaron Rodgers, behind guys like Manning, Brees, Rivers and Russell Wilson.

Pros: He gets along with Jay Cutler.  Chemistry is key in the quarterback room and a lot of reports state that McCown was brought back to the Bears in previous offseasons because of his relationship with Cutty.  McCown took to Marc Trestman’s offense like a duck to water.  He’s a perfect fit for a backup quarterback – he is efficient in the offense and doesn’t throw picks.  Besides all of the on the field stuff, he’s terrific in the locker room.  For all of the Cutler-haters, McCown is the antidote.

Cons: McCown had too good of a season for the Bears to keep him.  There will be too many suitors looking for a capable backup or someone to compete for a starting job.  Heck, Jason Campbell got work.  Also consider that McCown was considered a “replacement level” guy coming into 2013. Could Trestman do this with another quarterback off the street?

Potential suitors: The Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Bucs and New York Jets have all been linked to McCown rumors.

Bottom Line: Any Bears fan would love to see McCown come back, but the reality is that they’re paying Cutler big money and appear unlikely to be able to compete with the offers that McCown will see.  McCown would need to take less money to stay with the Bears.  As much of a good guy and a team first guy that he is, it would be hard to pass on a last payday.