Reader’s Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans are on the Clock…

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Team Needs:

Outside Linebacker/Defensive End

Running Back



Offensive Line (Interior)

There’s a lot of direction this team can go in the draft. With only 9 teams having fewer sacks last year, you have to think about guys that can sustain pressure on the outside with their new 3-4 defense. However, there is also a major hole at CB – can Justin Gilbert fill it? On the offensive side of the ball, the Titans ranked 26th in Pro-Football Focus in pass blocking last year, but seem to have solidified the outside of their line with proven starters Roos and  newcomer Michael Oher. However, Warmack, Schwenke and Levitre have far from dazzled anyone on the interior – they may want to add even more protection for the fragile Jake Locker. Personally, I think they can address the Chris Johnson replacement in later rounds, but the Titans in no way have shown 100% confidence in Locker and with his injury history, are you really confident in Charlie Whitehurst if Locker goes down, Titan fans? Will they take a QB at 11? This is wide open, so help me out here and vote for yourself!