Reader’s Mock Draft: Chicago Bears are On the Clock

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Team Needs:

SafetyMajor Wright is gone and Chris Conte is bad and on top of that, will miss most of the offseason coming off shoulder surgery.  The Bears signed a bunch of safeties, but none of them is necessarily considered a game changer.

CornerbackCharles Tillman is back for another year and Tim Jennings hit it big with a nice contract extension, but both are on the wrong side of 30.  The Bears will need to start bringing up the next generation of corners.

Defensive Line – The Bears did a full on make-over on the defensive line. Peppers and Melton, a couple of former Pro Bowlers are gone while Jared Allen, Lamarr Houston and Willie Young are in.  The Bears filled some holes in free agency, but as we learned last season, you can’t have too many quality defensive linemen.

Linebacker – the Bears are playing musical chairs with their linebacking corps.  They brought back DJ Williams and Lance Briggs will be back for another year, but you don’t know what you have in Bostic or McClellin.  If there’s a game-changer on the board, could the Bears try to grab a difference maker?

Backup quarterback – Someone needs to fill the Josh McCown role and I’m not convinced that Jordan Palmer is the man for the job. It’s not a first round need, but I’d like to see a young protege for Marc Trestman to mold.

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