Reader’s Mock Draft: New York Jets are on the Clock

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New York Jets draft needs:

Corner Back:  The Jet’s finished 22nd in pass defense last season.  The pass defense struggled with inconsistent play. With the departure of Cromartie, that leaves only one starter, Milliner.

Safety: Another sore spot on the defense.  While the corner spot is more desperate, getting a safety would strengthen the entire defensive backfield.

Offensive Tackle:  With the loss of Howard to the Raiders, the offensive line has a hole that needs fixing.

Tight End:  Even with re-signing Cumberland, the Jets still need a playmaker TE.  Cumberland is adequate, but they need a TE to stretch the field and make the big plays.

Running Back:  This part of the roster might not be a priority, but last season saw injuries and inconsistent play by the trio of running backs.