Shea McClellin Drops Weight Preparing for Move to Linebacker

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Then we learned some of the particulars of his offseason transformation:

The question is whether McClellin can take his smaller frame and shed blocks, which was a question before at his higher weight.  A lot of debate ensued on Twitter about whether McClellin got too small.  As someone pointed out, Urlacher played at about 6’4″ and 258 lbs, so there’s a precedent for playing at that size.  But can he move like a linebacker?

But wait, there’s more! He’s also been doing drills to complete the transformation to linebacker, from Scott’s Instagram:

"Shea Mcclellin and I spent hours together working to drop his hips, getting angles right, explosive and efficient movement. Check it out.Not bad for a D-end that was use to going one direction."

What do you think?  Is Shea ready to make the move to be a playmaking linebacker or is this just the next stop on the road to Bustville?