Bears Draft … More art than science


Dec 22, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long (75) along the sidelines prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Bears 54-11. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It is often said in the art world, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is true, art is a very subjective thing.  We know when we see it so to speak.  In reality, the draft is much like art. A scout, GM and coach know what they like, they all have biases and perceptions.  So in that vein, does anyone really know what the Bears will do on draft day? No. We are not privy to the meetings being held, we are clueless what Emery really thinks about any of the prospects being heralded by the media (let alone the coaches and scouts).

What we do know, is that based on Emery’s past is that mock drafts will be wrong. We know our opinions, along with the draftniks and the Kiper’s, Mayock’s or McShay’s have little bearing what Emery and the Bears do at 14.  Sadly, we have two more weeks of analysis paralysis, hyping players that don’t matter and in the end, we are probably going to hear a name none of us expected.  Ala, Long and McClellin.

What I am trying to convey is, who the Bears like, who is on the top of their charts is a futile exercise. I will be the first to admit it is fun to debate players, positions, needs and all that stuff.  But in the end, if we try to decode Emery and the collective staff of the Bears, we are only fooling ourselves.

For example, Emery recently stated he would seriously consider  drafting a Quarterback.  I think he should do so earlier than later in the draft.  What does seriously mean? Idle thought or has he moved that “need” higher?  He has stated he likes QB’s to be 6’5″, that makes the draft prospects slim pickings.  Bortles, Mettenberger, Thomas and Dustin Vaughan.  Yet, the three QB’s they have worked out are all  under 6’2″. Mean anything or nothing? I imagine, the QB Whisper, Trestman will have the final say here.

Some say we need a 3 technique defensive tackle. Most argue Donald is the guy, but is he?  Yes, the Bears met with Donald at the Combine, but of late they have worked out Sutton and Easley.  Does Emery believe that with all the UFA signings at defensive line, they don’t need to draft a defensive tackle at 14, and Easely will be there at 51?  I am sure Coach P will have a lot to say on that matter.  I would suspect it will be Pasqualoni’s eye for what he likes that will have a big say on who gets drafted on the DL.

Emery stated after signing Houston, to watch the next signings for that will reveal where they may go in the draft. The only two places (other than QB) they signed no one new was CB and LB.  A lot of analyst believe CB will be Emery’s choice. Makes sense, he has a good track record of scouting CB’s, good depth at CB in the draft. However, it has been suggested he is high on Hurst and Wilson, who are presently on the roster. So does that mean he takes a CB later and give the two roster players a chance?  Another slant here is safety. Yes. he has signed several, but Coach Herring was at Louisville with Pryor.  Could Herring convince Emery that Pryor is what the Bears need?

We haven’t even gotten into trading down, who will be the surprise players to fall in the draft, like a Ebron or Mosley. Speaking of Mosley, none of us know how Emery views the curse on Alabama defenders.  Does that suspicion squirrel the view of Mosley or HaHa?  We don’t know, if not Emery, maybe a scout or a coach. Back to trading down, Emery said there has to be value to do so. Fine, but what is his view of value? Does he use the Johnson value chart? or goes by feel. What is a 14 pick worth to Emery?  We don’t know.

In the end, they are going to pick seven players that they feel, in their subjective view, will have the greatest impact in improving the football team. We do know not all will make it, nor will we like some of the names we hear, but in the end it is how they see it not us.  In Emery we trust.