Jerry Angelo Gives Peek Inside the Draft Room

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Jerry Angelo is gives us a peek inside the draft room… and it’s as ugly as you might imagine.

Former Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo is now a full fledged member of the media.  He has regular spots on 87.7 The Game and writes for Sideline View and has been doing some guest spots on the National Football Post.  After you read some of his comments from a recent article about managing draft day, it’s not surprising that he hasn’t found work in a front office.

First, uncle Jerry talks about setting yourself up for draft day by removing any pressing needs:

"First of all, it’s critical to go into the draft free of “needs.” This gives you the freedom to jockey up or down on draft day with the potential to land more draft picks for the present and future drafts, as well as acquiring the best players on the board."

A bit later in the piece, Angelo gives a specific example of his time in Chicago.  Fasten your seatbelt and hit the next page to read this gem.