Chicago Bears – 2014 Draft Recap

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Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Round 2: DT Ego Ferguson, LSU (6’3, 315) – Grade C+

I had a couple DTs rated higher, but the Bears ended up getting one of them with their next pick, so I can’t really complain. If the draft order of Sutton and Ferguson were switched both picks would have been considered good “value” picks, so it’s really a non-starter. They are both on the Bears, so who cares if Ferguson was taken a round earlier.

If Ferguson would have stayed in school for one more year, as most analysts thought he should have, then there is a pretty good chance he would have been a 1st round pick next year. Despite a lack of on-field production, Ferguson has legit NFL talent. He has great size (6’3, 315) and elite athleticism though he has yet to convert that to production. Ferguson has shown glimpses of dominance, but they are spaced out between long stretches of lazy play. He’s raw, but even without refined technique, Ferguson was a force against the run.

Ferguson has the strength to collapse the pocket, the quickness to generate a pass rush and sheds blocks well. I went back and watched more tape on him and while he only he had 1 sack, he was very close to having 5 or 6 more. They don’t keep track of QB hurries in college, but if they did I think Ferguson’s numbers would have been impressive. He’s far from a finished product, but the talent and potential are there for Ferguson to be a quality NFL defensive tackle at the 1 or 3 technique. I think he’s a better fit as a 1-tech (NT) and he can back up Jeremiah Ratliff while he works on honing his technique. I’m not sure how much Ferguson will contribute this season, but he should be ready to take over as the starter when Ratliff’s 2-year deal expires before the 2106 season.