Marshall Extension the Ultimate Risk – Reward for Emery and Chicago Bears

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Nov 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) reacts after catching a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during the second half at Soldier Field. Detroit defeats Chicago 21-19. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I remember texting with one of my friends in the summer of 2009, during training camp when Brandon Marshall was in full meltdown mode.  His quarterback had forced himself out thanks to new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels and Marshall was acting like a spoiled brat in practice, kicking the ball during individual drills and basically being an idiot.

I then remember texting with the same friend a couple of years later when Phil Emery and the Bears traded a pair of third round draft picks to the Miami Dolphins for the “troubled” wide receiver, wondering what the heck Emery was doing.  Was this a desperation move in response to Johnny Knox’s career-ending back injury?  Was this a move to mollify Jay Cutler and re-unite him with one of his favorite targets when he was having a Pro Bowl season in Denver?  How long until Marshall imploded and took the rest of the team with him?  How could Emery trade a pair of third round draft picks for a guy with a rap sheet a mile long???

Just two Pro Bowl seasons later, those questions and more have been answered resoundingly as Brandon Marshall inked a 3-year contract extension with $30 million including $23 million guaranteed.  It will put Marshall on track to earn nearly $40 million over the next four seasons and almost certainly keep him and Cutler together in Chicago to end his career.