Chicago Bears Training Camp Preview: Wide Receivers

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53-man Roster Projection

Marshall, Jeffery, Wilson, Morgan, Williams, Weems

Marshall and Jeffery are locks.  Wilson seems like a really good bet to make it as well.  I’d also think that Josh Morgan makes it as the 4th receiver.  Beyond that, it’s up for grabs.  I think Williams gets in because the Bears need a punt returner and Weems makes it on the merit of his special teams expertise.  We know what to expect from the top duo, beyond that, the preseason will help sort out the back end.

Final Word

For all the years of watching the Bears offense bumble their way through a season, throwing 3-yard passes on 3rd and 7, sit back and enjoy how the other half lives.  The Bears have a real offense and the best wide receiver duo in the NFL.  Keep everyone healthy and the sky is the limit.