Bears Preseason Week 1: Rookie Report

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Priority Undrafted Free Agents

LB DeDe Lattimore – Had a nice debut and was credited for 2 solo stops. Lattimore is a thumper against the run who struggles in coverage. If the Bears are planning on showing the occasional 3-4 look, then Lattimore would be a good fit as the Jack or Mike ILB. He showed good instincts Friday night crashing into running lanes and making two stops near the line of scrimmage. He probably isn’t ever going to be a 3-down LB but could backup DJ Williams as the base package MLB. The Bears run defense needs guys like Lattimore.

G Ryan Groy – Like Leno, Groy was part of the O-line that controlled the line of scrimmage during the Bears last 7:50 drive. Groy has good size (6’5, 320) and is a potential mauler in the run game, so the Bears last time-consuming drive played to his strengths. We will see what happens when Groy is asked to pass block more. With the struggles of more experienced interior lineman like Boggs, J. Long, and Gandy, Groy may find himself moving up the depth charts soon.

LB Christian Jones – He didn’t play much until mid-way through the 4th quarter, but made his presence felt quickly. He was only credited with 1 solo tackle according to ESPN, but there was a stop at the line of scrimmage on RB Fluellen that Jones should have gotten some credit for as he burst through the hole to help with the tackle. Jones also had a nice open field stop on a 3-yard pass play; Jones wrapped the receiver up immediately on the catch. His athleticism and size stood out on the field and if he can get the Bears defensive scheme down pat Jones has a shot to contribute this season.

RB Jordan Lynch – I am a Lynch fan. He’s a hometown player from the same high school conference I played in and in-state Northern Illinois. Lynch has won at every level and is an underdog who is all but impossible not to root for. I think Lynch gained some new fans tonight with 7 carries for 24 yards including a bruising 12-yard run which ended with Lynch running over a safety and hitting another DB before getting knocked out-of-bounds still on his feet (watch below). It was the kind of hard-nosed, tough run that Chicago fans love. Lynch was a key part of 16 play, 73 yard drive that took up 7:50 late in the 4th quarter and sealed the game for the Bears. Considering that this was the first game that Lynch ever played at running back it was a damn good performance.

DT Brandon Dunn – A space eater inside who played for new Bears D-line coach James Hurtt at Louisville. Dunn did a decent job clogging running lanes inside and got a hit on the QB by collapsing the pocket, but looked really slow pursuing outside runs. Dunn could potentially help out in the running game but I think he is more of a practice squad candidate.

DT Lee Pegues – Played the 3-tech DT spot during most of the 4th quarter, but I didn’t see any impact one way or the other from Pegues.