2014 NFL Season Predictions: Bear Goggles On Staff Picks

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The Super Bowl picks lean toward the Bears, but that should come as no surprise; this is a Bears site after all.  A couple think that Peyton Manning returns to the big game to avenge the loss to the Seahawks.  There’s one every season – someone who likes to stir it up by picking the Packers.  And Brennan, one of our new writers, couldn’t make up his mind.

So there are our picks.  We’ll revisit our picks a couple of times during the season to see how we’re doing.  Tune back in to see our predictions for all 16 Bears games.

What do YOU think?  It’s easy to sit back in January and say, “I had the Cardinals coming out of the NFC West.” or “The Dolphins finally get past the Patriots to win the AFC East.”  Post your predictions for the division winners, wild cards, AFC and NFC Champ and Super Bowl winner in the Comment and earn bragging rights over the Bear Goggles On staff.