Bears vs 49ers: Cooking In Menu for Week 2

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Gold Rush Cocktail: from The Kitchen on Food Network crafted by Geoffery Zakarian

This post marks the first one under my name. Check-out my two initial guest posts under my husband’s name, Mike Praser. Week 1: Tailgating and Week 1: Mom’s Edition

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Earthquakes. Alcatraz. Telegraph Hill. Pier 39. San Francisco…

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The destination that brought forth the Gold Rush of the original 49ers. San Francisco…

A place I use to travel to every May during college to visit my Aunt Paula and Uncle Dick. San Francisco…

The city where my grandparents assembled parachutes for the military during World War II. San Francisco…

Now this week, our Chicago Bears have their turn to ride the cable cars, take the drive on Lombard Street and play at the Exploratorium at Pier 15. But for those of us unable to make the trip, here’s a menu that provides the flavors of this west-coast city all in the comfort of your own dock.

First stop on this culinary trip is to Fisherman’s Wharf. This waterfront destination rests right along the bay where one can watch the sea lions lounging on the wooden decks, take in the crisp breeze hinted with the day’s catch and look out at the “The Rock” (aka Alcatraz) and Angel Island.

Start your game with a Smoked Salmon Dip. I can only say that this dip is a crowd favorite. The smoky fish mingles in a base of mayo and cream cheese with the freshness of red onion, lemon juice and parsley. A bit of prepared horseradish and capers gives the salmon depth. Be sure to pick-up the refrigerated horseradish. This dip is made in a pinch since all of the blending is done via a food processor. Easy peasy. Be sure to have pita or bagel chips on the side for dippin’.