Offense Fails to Show Up in First Half as Bears Trail 49ers

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The Bears managed to salvage some self respect late in the half as they were able to march down the field (with a lot of help from 49ers penalties) to score on a ridiculous Brandon Marshall touchdown catch.  Check it out:

The rest of the first half stats are pretty ugly for the Bears.

Cutler was 10/20 for 64 yards and a TD.

Matt Forte averaged just 1 yard per carry on 8 attempts.  Weren’t the Bears going to try to commit to the run a bit more?

Martellus Bennett led Chicago Bears receivers with 5 catches for 29 yards, while Brandon Marshall had just two catches but one was the TD.  Matt Forte was held to just 1 catch.

For the Bears to pull off a second half comeback, they need to build on the drive they had at the end of the half.  Get Matt Forte going with some misdirection plays or some draw plays.  Understand the limitations of their top wide receivers and perhaps get Chris Williams to take the top off the defense to open up some things underneath.  The Niners are jumping routes because they don’t fear getting beat deep by hobbled wide receivers.

For the defense, keep doing what you’re doing.  Attack Kaepernick and get some takeaways.