Bears vs Jets: Cooking at Home Menu for Week 3

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Anne Burrell’s Grilled Pizza posted on Food Network

Option #2: Grilled Pizza

What a better way than to enjoy late summer weather than by grilling? And what could be a different distraction in the grilling arena than pizza? Anne Burrell’s dough is very easy to make by combining simple ingredients into one bowl. She suggests one batch can make six small pizzas, but use your discretion; maybe you only make three pizzas per batch, so be sure to plan accordingly to feed your crowd.

Burrell suggests topping the dough with a prosciutto-arugula blend or a puttanesca with taleggio
cheese. She does not include a tomato sauce, recipe, but I have bought canned whole tomatoes (I recommend Muir Glen or Hunt’s), blend them in a food processor along with some Italian seasoning (I buy the large container labeled “Tone’s Spaghetti Seasonings” from Sam’s Club) and a pinch of sugar, and you’re good to go.

Option #3: Deep Dish Pizza

Don’t shoot the messenger, but Bobby Flay, a New York chef, can make one heck of a Chicago style pizza. Yes, his take may be a bit fancy with broccoli-rabe, so omit this weed if you support Homer Simpson’s cause. Instead, add some pepperoni to the Italian sausage since that what the recipe already calls for.

Giada DeLaurentiis Chocolate Tiramisu posted on Cooking Channel

Dessert: Chocolate Tiramisu

To keep the Italian theme going, this is one of my favorite spins on this traditional dessert. Since Giada DeLaurentiis is a chocolate and sweet freak, she has a chocolate zabaglione layer to the mascarpone and ladyfingers. So this dessert has mocha notes along with a liqueur; DeLaurentiis calls for Marsala wine, but I use an excellent port. A second replacement you may want to make regards the espresso; I have used regular or even decaf coffee. It’s the flavor of the coffee, chocolate and wine desired, so achieve it by whatever you prefer.

Beverages: What to drink can be a bit difficult with pizza since the toppings can vary from pie to pie.

Wine – Info. below is from Food and Wine
Topping: salty meats and greens     Wine: Chianti
Topping: pepperoni      Wine: Primitivo
Topping: mushrooms     Wine: Pinot Noir
Topping: veggies (with a white sauce)     Wine: Rosato
Topping: Neapolitan or Margarita (fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella)     Wine: Barbera

Beer –It’s a bit more complicated

I concluded that for simipler toppings, have a Pilsner or an American or British Pale Ale

For more meat toppings, an IPA or an Amber Ale would be best.

Regardless of whether you make your own, order in, go out or even have all of the above, may you make the 46 slices you may consume in a year the best you have ever eaten. May these taste all the better with a Bears victory!