Most Memorable Chicago Bears Monday Night Football Games

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#1: “They Are Who We Thought They Were”

10/16/06: Bears 24 – Cardinals 23 

The Bears came from a late third quarter 20-3 deficit to beat the Arizona Cardinals.  The most remarkable part?  They did it without the benefit of an offensive touchdown.  It was one of the most incredible and unlikely comebacks in NFL history.  Mike Brown started the rally, recovering a Mark Anderson forced fumble for a touchdown.  Charles Tillman returned a fumble 40 yards to cut the deficit to 6 with about 5 minutes left.  Devin Hester capped off the comeback with an 83-yard punt return with 2:58 to go.

The Cardinals had a chance to win the game late, but Neil Rackers, who hadn’t missed a FG the entire season before, missed a 39 yard attempt in the closing minute to seal the Bears victory.

It was Brian Urlacher’s signature game, recording about 20 tackles and putting the team on his back, refusing to lose.  You knew that it was going to be a special season in Chicago in 2006, with a Super Bowl run to come.   No one was surprised by the Bears’ performance, the least of which Arizona head coach Dennis Green, who gave us one of the most memorable post-game rants of all time.

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