A Fan’s Non-Expert Take on the Bears Prime Time Win over the Jets


Sep 22, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Chicago Bears strong safety Ryan Mundy (21) runs back an interception for a touchdown as New York Jets running back Chris Johnson (21) chases during the first quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Two prime time, back-to-back road wins against decent teams who’s record doesn’t really reflect how good they are. The Jets should have beat Green Bay, and the 49ers should have beat the Cardinals. Just ask Anquan Boldin.

This isn’t a should have, could have, league, unfortunately. It is a league of execution.

Our defense executed very well last night. Kyle Fuller, what a draft pick you are turning out to be.

Our offense was average, but somehow I’m not worried about them. They were able to lean on Forte, Bennett, and Alshon Jeffery, who seemed a little more healthy than last week, though still not 100%.

Special Teams, improved. Let’s keep it up.

Our first half of our season is brutal. So far we are handling it. 5 road games vs. 3 home games. The second half seems much easier.

The last few years we have had a soft first half, and a tougher second half. We’d have a good record and a false sense of security going in to the second half. We would start to choke. Injuries piling up, coupled with better opponents.

I like it this way, as long as we can still keep going on the road and winning, that is.

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Beating Green Bay at home needs to happen this week. It just does. They look as vulnerable as I have ever seen them with a healthy Aaron Rodgers. They are the weak caribou that cannot stay with the herd.

It is time for our attack.

They have dominated our division for long enough.

Our defense has made the last two mobile QBs look much less effective than they can be.

Now it’s time to knock Aaron Rodger’s head clean-off.

*Disclaimer* I don’t really wish for anyone’s head to actually come off. However, if it did come off, I would want it to look like in Empire Strikes Back where Luke has visions of his own face in Darth Vader’s helmet except it would be Aaron Rodgers face in a Green Bay helmet. *End of Disclaimer*

I made my famous wings and had Jake Biehl over. We both wanted the Jets to lose as he is a Bills fan. I have accepted and have come to expect his fantasy football dealings that still make no sense to me, but seem to bother me a lot less if the Bears are winning.

He starts out by saying he wants the Bears to win, but he would like to limit Forte to one touchdown and no more than 80 yards rushing.

I grabbed my Bose headset.

I dialed it in for Captain Fantasy.

Everybody’s happy.

Mr. Forte, I appreciate your willingness to help Jacob Biehl achieve fantasy greatness. It must have been a real challenge for you, since your whole life has been dedicated to training to get more yards.

I’m sure Jake would thank you as well, but he is in a coma from eating 30 big-ass, breaded hot wings.