Behind Enemy Lines: Bears – Packers Game Preview

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Now, lets check out what says:

There’s a few 0thers that have very similar banter and there’s a few things that I’ve gathered from our enemy’s narratives:

1. Packer fans are smart and they know that Mr. Rodgers doesn’t have the weapons in space that he’s used to.

2. Wisconsin media is a lot less optimistic than than their national peers (ESPN, CBSSports to name a few).

3. Many Packer fans feel that due to the ineptitude of their running game, the Bears may pull this one off.

4. This year’s Jay Cutler is better than what they’re used to.


There is a little bit of panic in Green Bay. I’ve heard statements such as “1-3 is a death sentence,” ” this is a must-win” and “McCarthy’s play calling needs criticism.” These are very serious statements and may be a little harsh than what a casual NFL fan is used to. I know that I’ve only quoted a few sources, but I have read through many and the Packer apologists’ biggest rationale behind their prediction of a Packer victory is one or both of 2 things:

1. Jay Cutler is 1-9 against the Pack

2. Bears can’t win a big game against Green Bay

Here’s the facts and my take: Jay Cutler’s stats in previous years have little to do with this game at all. Jay has never had a team with this talent level that was in line with Green Bay’s, in his Bear career. If you argue that, then you are a fool – he has not been given what he needs to win in previous years. Another fact is that previous years should not be a rationale for a game in the year in question. I’m no expert, but one of the biggest differences between the 2014 Pack and previous year’s Pack is the absence of a tight end presence and the space in Chicago’s defensive backfield that their offense is used to creating. Not to mention, Green Bay’s ability to run the ball. Both are in question this year which is a reason why nothing should be carried over from previous years.

My Prediction

I can’t stand the Packers for what they’ve done to me as a Bear fan in my life. It’s sickening. However, I may get killed for this, but I respect the Packers and their fans and always have. Love them or hate them, they know their team and their team has made more plays in recent years that our Bears. The national media has a lot more confidence in the Pack than their blogs, sportswriters, and many of their fans. That makes me feel more confident as a Bear fan because I know that if Packer fans are uneasy, there’s good reason. In my humble opinion it comes down to one thing: can our front four sustain enough pressure on Mr. Rodgers so the Bears can keep enough people blocking his passing lanes. Rodgers has killed teams through the years when being blitzed. Mainly because he’s had the receivers to make plays in space when challenged one on one. If the Bears’ front four plays well, the Bears win. If they don’t, it’s another chapter in our anger and misery. Frankly, they better, because I don’t think my wall can take another hole in it from my fist of frustration. I challenge the following people to step up: Stephen Paea, Willie Young, Lamar Houston, Will Sutton, Ego Ferguson, Jared Allen (if healthy).

Bears 28, Packers 24

Enjoy the game, be safe, keep the cheese off of those nachos and…….Bear Down!