Packers Beat Bears: The Day After


Look, let me start by saying this. Yesterday’s loss WILL be overblown because it was a game against Green Bay. It truly wasn’t as bad as it looked. Let’s take a look at some positives and some negatives from yesterday’s game.

Sep 28, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson (87) catches a touchdown pass over Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings (26) during the second half at Soldier Field. Green Bay won 38-17. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

THE GOOD: After watching the game yesterday, I noticed that the Bears offense can pretty much move the ball at will. When the offense is clicking, it’s almost unstoppable. Matt Forte is back to his old self, amassing 122 yards on 23 rushing attempts. He was able to impose his will on Green Bay’s defense. Rookie Ka’Deem Carey ran the ball well, also, totaling 72 yards on 14 rushing attempts. Alshon Jefferey and Brandon Marshall did well, aside from a miscommunication between Cutler and Marshall, that led to an interception. Another bright spot was Martellus Bennett. Who is quietly having himself a Pro Bowl year. Bennett is becoming a safety net for Cutler, and I look forward to him improving as the season progresses.

THE BAD: The refs were terrible, but that’s not the reason the Bears lost this game. Cutler’s interceptions changed the momentum of the game, the first was a miscommunication between him and Marshall. That happens. The second was due to Cutler forcing the ball to Josh Morgan on a slant. It also didn’t help that Morgan ran a terrible route. The ball bounced of Morgan’s chest, and after that, it was anyone’s ball. Literally. It ended up in the hands of Clay Mathews. who nearly returned it for a touchdown. Defensively, there’s a whole lot of blame to go around. Jared Allen, who is sick with Pneumonia, didn’t play. Nor did Jeremiah Ratliff, due to some lingering concussion-like symptoms. So, immediately, there are two starters on the defensive line missing. And, it was evident. There was almost no pass-rush. None from the ends, and none from the interior. Aaron Rodgers had all day to pick apart the Bears defense. Secondary play was atrocious, too. BUT, I think that once the defensive line is healthy, and some pass rush is generated, it should help out the Bears defensive backs.

THE UGLY: Joe DeCamillas. Not his looks. I’m not calling him ugly. But, the Bears have no return game. I thought Rashard Ross was supposed to be productive? Why are Bears consistently committing terrible penalties? Like Bostic’s gaffe on that field goal attempt? Special Teams is equally important to a team’s winning formula as offense or defense.