Brandon Marshall has No. 1 best selling NFL jersey


The Chicago Bears are 2-2 this season and are going to look to get back on top of the NFC North as soon as they can, but for now they’re winning a battle off the field that is almost as important. The NFL is all about bran d recognition, and the Bears have one of the oldest brands in the entire league.

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What Chicago also has is a roster of stars who are starting to creep up the jersey sales charts to improve that brand the Bears are re-inventing. It’s no longer a team of defensive dominance, it’s a machine gun spray of offensive power and fans across the NFL are taking note.

According to the DICK’S Jersey Report, the Chicago Bears not only have the best selling team jersey in the NFL this week, but Brandon Marshall has the best selling individual jersey as well.

Chicago may have lost to the Packers and dropped to 2-2, but they’re dominating jersey sales this season. Marshall topping the individual sales chart for this week helped propel the Bears to the No. 1 spot as a team, which is reflective of how the team views his impact on the field as well.

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