Bears vs Panthers: Week 5 Staff Picks

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Mike Praser (1-3)

I expect the Bears to go to Carolina and continue their undefeated record on the road. I just don’t see Carolina, with all of their injuries, beating a Bears team who upset both the Jets and 49ers on their home fields. The Bears have something to prove this weekend.

Bears 41 Panthers 17

Tooch (1-3)

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The Bears should be thankful that Cam Newton is clearly still injured — it may help them (finally) get some pressure on an opposing quarterback.  Coming off his best game of the season, I expect Matt Forte to turn in a fantastic follow-up performance and take advantage of a downtrodden Carolina defense. Jay Cutler should also have his way with the Panthers’ secondary.

Bears 27 – Carolina 17

Mike Curcio (1-3)

This should be a bounce back game for the Bears’ defense: Cam is injured and can’t run, Carolina has their 3rd string running back most likely starting, their offensive line is suspect and they lack weapons that stretch the field. I don’t see the Bears offense moving up and down the field with as much as ease as last week with their offensive line injuries, but they will perform at a level high enough to win an ugly game. If our defense struggles with this team, Mel Tucker better go look for another job.

Bears 20 – Panthers 13