Marc Trestman to Blame for Chicago Bears Poor Start

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Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler is an easy scapegoat with a share of the league leader in interceptions through five weeks.  Mel Tucker has been under way more pressure than his defense can generate on a given week.  Don’t even get me started on Joe DeCamillis and his “special teams” who ought to be taking the short bus to and from the airport.  But the blame with the Bears poor start this season rests with one man – head coach Marc Trestman.

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Trestman was brought in to fix Cutler but the quarterback whisperer hasn’t’ been able to reign in the bucking bronco.  Cutler has been careless with the ball and poor play calling has made a bad situation worse.  Blame injuries if you’d like, but Cutler’s targets have been off too.  Brandon Marshall declared himself in full health and “explosive” but managed just 3 catches for 44 yards.  Maybe he’s been too busy jetting off to New York every week to be properly prepared?

Don’t forget that Trestman gave him permission, or at least didn’t put the kibosh, on his Inside the NFL appearances.  The same way Trestman gave Lance Briggs the day off – on the first day of real practice for the regular season prep – to go open his restaurant outside Sacramento.  Where is the discipline?  Where is the leadership?

It would be easy to pin this early season lapses on defense and special teams.  They’ve earned plenty of blame.  Last time I checked, Trestman is Mel Tucker and Joe DeCamillis’ boss.  He’s the one who hand-picked them and chose to retain them after a less than stellar debut with the Bears in 2013.  Aaron Kromer got more offensive responsibilities in the second year of the system so Marc Trestman could spend more time in the defensive meeting rooms.  Neither group is exactly thriving under this new arrangement.

Trestman is one who set up a training camp softer than a Twinkie.  Have you seen these guys try to tackle anyone?  This team has looked flat and unprepared since the preseason.  The Bears were more worried about resting everyone and making sure they got out of Bourbonnais in one piece, but how has that worked out?  The Bears have been battling injuries since training camp anyway.  Trestman has been more worried about “growing the man” and building relationships rather than building a football team.