Chicago Bears Week 5 Film Session: Forte TD, Olsen Dagger

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Oct 5, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (88) catches a touchdown pass during the fourth quarter while Chicago Bears strong safety Danny McCray (29) defends at Bank of America Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Bears 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Next up, we look at the last scoring play of the game, the dagger delivered through the hearts of Bears fans by former Bear Greg Olsen:

Olsen 6 yard TD catch

Game situation: 3rd down and Goal at the Bears 6 yard line (4th Quarter 2:23 left)

Personnel: 13 (1 RB, 3 TEs, 1 WR)

Defense: Cover 0 (Blitz)

Offensive scheme: Play Action – TE Slant

On the game winning touchdown, the Panthers use a 3 Tight End set to attack the Bears defense. Olsen aligns on the line of scrimmage with Benjamin split out wide to the left and Newton in the shotgun offset with Reaves to his left. Newton fakes the handoff to Reaves before getting his eyes downfield. Benjamin, Olsen, and Williams all run Slants from their alignments. The Bears blitz the linebackers Jones and Briggs and play 1-on-1 against the Panther receivers.

The Bears defense allows Olsen a free release from the line of scrimmage and don’t disrupt the timing of the route. McCray flat foot reads the route from Olsen, but gets fooled by his footwork. Olsen takes a step outside to fake the Corner or Out route before cutting hard inside. McCray gets caught cheating to his right instead of staying square to the receiver.

McCray can’t recover from his misstep as Olsen creates great separation on the cut and it’s an easy touchdown with an on target pass from Newton.